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Dr. Gary Welch, a PhD Engineer with 32 years of experience says that Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs, “delivers on all accounts.”

What does an engineer think about our chairs?

Dr. Gary Welch received his PhD in metallurgical engineering from Ohio State University. In addition to doctors, we love hearing from engineers because their expertise allows us to fine tune and develop the product further, ensuring that our customers get the absolute best massage chair on the market.

Dr. Welch is an avid golf and tennis player, and has been playing golf for fifty years. As high demand performance sports, unfortunately however; Dr. Welch developed a chronic back injury from golf, and a hamstring injury from tennis. He met with a personal trainer who specialized in sports injuries, and together they developed a personal program that included flexibility exercises, strength training, massage therapy, and potential

chiropractic work. As part of this program, Dr. Welch began researching massage chairs, and came across Medical Breakthrough. He was impressed with all the features that the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Series had to offer, and decided to order one. He couldn’t have been happier with the results.

“I was looking for a well-engineered chair…one that had tremendous features and one that could potentially replace the services of a massage therapist”.

“I succeeded, and I think the Medical Breakthrough chair delivers on all these accounts”.

The features that Dr. Welch enjoys the most are the full body stretch and the zero gravity feature, which he says, “works like a champ”. The massage chair targets and stretches the exact areas that Dr. Welch and his personal trainer targeted in their customized program, giving him effective pain relief and relaxation. Dr. Welch describes the zero gravity feature as, “exactly as described on the website” and that in the zero gravity mode, “usually 10 to 15 minutes into the massage, I have dozed off.”

We are grateful to Dr. Welch for his support of our product and our companies, and are elated that our massage chairs can give him exactly the pain relief he needs so he can continue to do what he loves.