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Kate & Jerrald M., Wichita, KS

My husband and I use to go get a swedish massage twice a week because of his back problems and my arms. He does construction so he needs a strong massage almost everyday but we can only afford to go twice a week. But even that got to a be a little too expensive. After a lot of thought, we decided to get a massage chair. We gave breakthrough 8 a chance and we are glad we did. This chair is amazing. We both use the chair one hour a day and we even bought one for both of our parents. This chair can help fix any pain you have.

Michio W., Corona, CA

I like how Breakthrough 8 massages every part of my body. As a practitioner of full body yoga and pilates, I absolutely believe that a full-body treatment is required to solve any physical injury problems. Breakthrough 8 is one of the few massage chairs on the market that provides full-body massage possible and I use it at least once a week.

Edward J. J., Bakersfield, CA

Amazing Massage Chair! Medical Breakthrough 8 is in a class of its own. The high swing massage is amazing. I can feel my entire body move left and right. I've tried over 20 massage chair and no other massage chair does this. I am also 6'2 and the legs easily extend to fit my height. This massage chair is just amazing. I appreciate all the extra care and engineering that go into making Medical Breakthrough 8 fit all body types.

Christina N., Huntington, WV

Breakthrough 8 is definitely not what I expected. Usually, I think that most massage chair’s claims are just marketing ploys. I have always thought of all massage chairs as really comfortable recliners to get me relaxed. I have never been so glad to be wrong my entire life. Medical Breakthrough 8 blew me away! It really is a Medical Breakthrough! I could already feel the difference in my back after only a few massage sessions. What I like the most is the deep tissue massage. This massage chair is stronger than any other massage chair I have tried. It does a great job. After just 6 months of using it regularly, I’m pleased to find that my back pain slowly fading. I'm able to relax a lot more. My chiropractor is really surprised at my fast progress. She said it would take years!


I'm not a tech person, and installing the chair was pretty hard. But thanks to frank, i was able to put the entire chair together in less than an hour. he walked me through the entire process. We sent pictures back and forth through our iphone and 1 hour later the chair was done. It was an amazing experience. Thanks, frank for all the help.

Betty C., Tampa, FL

Absolute the best
If you haven’t ordered one, order one now. You won’t regret it.

Natasha R, Chicago, IL

People always speak of Apple as a company with great design philosophy making great devices with tremendous utility. Well, Medical Breakthrough 8 is the same way. Their chair looks amazing, it's the best part of my living room. And whenever I have friends over, it is the center of attention. Everyone wants to try it. I have already refered 3 people that each got their own chair.

Ralph C, Houston, TX

The zero gravity is my favorite part. True sensation of weightlessness has never felt so good. Love it.

Terry T, Orlando, FL

Dr. Recommendation really did a great job designing Breakthrough 8 I was impressed by how this chair looks and feel. The chair was also very easy to install. It does a deep tissue massage head to toe. Definitely first-class in design out of all the massage chairs that I have considered.

Gary E., Boston, MA

I bought it because I got into an accident and my lower back has been hurting every day for the past 3 years. I thank my chiropractor a lot because he was the one that recommended it. Now my entire family use it. The chair is so peaceful it puts my mom to sleep. My favorite massage feature is the tapping. I use to ask everyone in the house to give me a massage, now the chair does it for me. Everyone is very happy to say the least.

Blanca Y., Jersey City, NJ

Medical break8 will help you explore the muscles that you usually don’t think about. Apparently I have really tight calf muscles. I didn’t know about it until break8 tried to massage it the first time. The “It hurts so good” saying has never felt so true. Now I’m addicted to it.

Sarah D. M., Santa Barbara, CA

I jumped right into using it as soon as I installed it. The controller is intuitive enough and the display shows all the information that you need to start using it right away. The manual was barely needed. I only read it because I thought the chair was great.

Tim H., Tempe, AZ

When I first got breakthrough 8, it wasn’t working right away. I was so angry. I felt really sorry for the representative who answered my phone call because he got an earload. After 30 minutes of troubleshooting, it turned out to be my fault. The chair was working fine. I installed the chair incorrectly and one of the air holes fell off. Maybe I was too excited. However, thank you for having a (very) patient customer service representative.

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