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Chiropractic Doctor in Los Gatos, CA with a practice that started in 1991, explains in detail why the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs™ are so important to chronic pain relief.


Dr. Marianne Nielsen is a chiropractic doctor, with an active practice in Los Gatos, California. Her office has been open since 1991, and for the past 25 years she has become an accomplished, well trusted chiropractor whose been treating chronic pain in patients of all ages as well as patients with a wide spread of physical capabilities, from athletes to disabled individuals.

In the featured video, Dr. Nielsen first addressed how effective the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs are in helping patients deal with chronic pain. She even goes further to say that the Medical Breakthrough massage chairs have provided a way for her to give her patients a proper and effective massage after chiropractic adjustments. This was especially important to her in relieving pain in a chiropractic routine visit as it can eliminate “the

congestion of lymph and waste product around the nerves that cause pain;” bringing movement to those areas using a Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair has been an effective asset and desired answer that she has now been able to offer her patients.

Along with the importance of an effective massage after a chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Nielsen explains numerous other features that can help parts of your body heal: including the vibration and airbag massage that is available throughout the entire chair from your feet, your hips, your back, and even your arms. Dr. Neilson also took notice to how the chair can, “counter the affects of gravity that cause degeneration” (loss of function in the cells of a tissue or organ in which its function is diminished or its structure is impaired). She explains that allowing the minimal stretch of the spine, performed by a Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair, can create traction which can be beneficial for multiple types of joint and disk diseases.

Neilson further explained the importance of reflexology therapy and Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair’s innovation to properly give comfort and treatment to your tired feet.

“The other thing this chair has is a fantastic foot massage. It has all these magnets, massagers, and airbags that squeeze and massage the bottoms and tops of your feet and your calves and legs which is amazing for tired feet. It hits all of the spots in reflexology, there is a lot of people that work on treating the organs from the bottom of your feel but this chair hits everything, it’s an amazing therapy.”

“With so much praise coming from such a well accomplished, Chiropractic Doctor like Dr. Marianne Nielsen, we are grateful for her support. To be recognized by Dr. Neilsen has been an accomplishment we are extremely proud of, and an honor we will build our products on. We credit the work from doctors like Dr. Neilsen as our foundation for building the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs.” – Robert Berra, Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs™.