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Michael Waller, UCLA Medical Center, and a Registered Physical Therapist for over 30 years, says Medical Breakthrough engineers “the best massage chairs available today.”


Michael Waller is a Physical Therapist with over 30 years of experience. He graduated from CSU Northridge and continued his medical studies at UCLA Medical Center where he earned his education in Clinical Training.

After completing his education, he became a Physical Therapist, treating patients with a variety of pathologies in areas including neurology, orthopedics, and internal medicine; however, most of his expertise is in diagnosis and treatment centered around acute and chronic neck and lower back problems.

Waller has been a frequent user of massage chairs for about 15 years, as he suffers from his own back problems. He decided that his own massage chair needed an upgrade, and due to the improvements in technology, he decided to start searching for a new chair.

While researching, Waller came across Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs. As a very hands-on buyer, he made a trip to the Medical Breakthrough Showroom to test every single chair model for himself; Waller was instantly hooked. He mentions that he was most impressed with the materials made to engineer the chair, along with the technology being far more advanced in comparison to other chairs.

Waller continued to express his liking for the customized features of the chair. He liked that anybody can tailor a massage program based on their needs, as the chair allows customizing the pressure of the massage or air cells, the accurate location of the massage, and the types of massage: kneading, rolling, and tapping. He also loves that the massage chair can perform all of the customized features in a zero gravity position, which he says is, “great because it takes all the pressure off of your spine.”

“I’ve tried and researched a number of different units out on the market, and I believe that they have one of the best massage chairs available today.”

We are proud that not only chiropractors, but physical therapists with over 30 years of experience are loving the Medical Breakthrough massage chairs!