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Dr. Peter Kim of the Providence Regional Medical Center, and an Oral Surgeon for over 20 years, says he uses his Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair “At least once a day.”


Dr. Peter Kim is an oral surgeon with 20 year of experience in the Seattle, Washington area. His studies and residency at the University of Illinois has helped take his career to the Providence Regional Medical Center as a respected professional in the health industry.

Being a surgeon, Dr. Kim stands all day long at times, and performs surgeries lasting up to 6 hours at a time which he says puts a strain on his lower back. This demand requires him to receive regularly scheduled massages to keep his body healthy and ready for the next day. Being provided regular massage benefits first hand, Dr. Kim has always been a strong believer in massages but was ready for the commitment with something more convenient like a Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair.

Dr. Kim has always kept an eye out for different massage chairs and massage equipment, but has rarely been satisfied in what the industry has offered. He was aware that the technology is out and available but has been waiting for a company like Medical Breakthrough to innovate with the advancements in technology. As a pleasant surprise gift from his wife, Dr. Kim was finally able to receive the benefits of a Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair.

After receiving his Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair, Dr. Kim was surprised how often he enjoyed using his new massage chair. With the busy schedule that a surgeon like Dr. Kim has, he says it’s a luxury to find the time in pushing the restart button on a Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair to enjoy another massage back-to-back. Dr. Kim also talks highly of the hip twist feature. He notices that a Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair is the only chair to perform this type of movement which can “neutralize the spine,” and allow for a more comfortable position while getting a massage.

“We are privileged to have the well respected opinions from Dr. Kim about his new Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair and are always pleased to see that our chairs are gifts that give improvements in health to entire families from all over.” - Sarah Mitchell, Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs™.