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Yale University Graduate with over 30 Years of Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Experience, who's worked on nearly every type of body from disabled patients, professional athletes, and air force pilots, highly recommends the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs™


As a retired chiropractor and massage therapist with over 30 years of practice in the medical field, William Finn has literally seen and assisted in fixing every chronic to acute pain imaginable; simply put by Finn himself, “I know massage.”

As a graduate from Yale University, Finn has worked to relieve pain in thousands of patients over the past few decades, including athletes ranging from football stars, wrestlers, and weightlifters, also US military personnel, Special Forces, and most commonly senior citizens. With the growing number of support from doctors and medical professionals, William Finn is excited to support Medical Breakthrough™ and their mission of providing pain relief to the world.

In the featured video, William Finn discusses his appreciation for the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs™, regarding its craftsmanship, beauty, engineering, durability, beneficial properties, and innovation being miles ahead of the rest of the industry. He focused his importance on the need for Medical Breakthrough’s™ complex massage varieties, and versatile design; it’s what most notably makes the Medical Breakthrough Series true to massage therapy, and chiropractic treatments. Through all of the years he has been practicing chiropractics, he noticed that no other massage chair company has worked with as many doctors as Medical Breakthrough and this is one of the only chairs that can provide years of pain relief based on chiropractic and massage therapy concepts.

"The single most interesting thing about the Medical Breakthrough 8™ is the way that you can vary all of the different therapeutic modalities involved. [The Medical Breakthrough 8] has a lot of different ways of approaching your body; you can vary the pressure, you can have percussion, it has vibration, it has a whole variety of things that you can do. You get a much more effective, relaxing experience and a lot more pain relief." ~William Finn

Although providing immediate pain relief is what got most of the medical community excited about the Medical Breakthrough Series massage chairs, its durable engineering is what sparked Finn’s attention first. He immediately compared it to others on the market and noticed the strong differences with Medical Breakthrough™ because it was much better built than everyone elses. With a heavy, durable structure and support, it's not only great for the home but perfect for a chirpractor's office because its structure was made to endure thousands of hours of use.

We are honored to have the support of so many doctors and medical professionals. With the support of professionals, present and former, like William Finn, Medical Breakthrough™ will continue to produce and innovate massage chairs that can truly help heal your body.